Privacy Policy

In order to carry out any request through our website, in order to place inquiries for the gallery’s works, you will be required to disclose some of your personal information.

When you place an inquiry, we will ask for your full name, your mobile phone number, your email address and the subject of your message.

This data is processed by the company in compliance with the application of article 7A par. 1 (b) Law 2472/1997, in order to implement the reservation given by the visitor and in no way will be disclosed, made public or sold to third parties, except if the procedure defined by the legislation for the removal of confidentiality is initiated (Law 2225/1994) or any obligations arising from the national application of Directive 24/2006.

In order to make a reservation we will have to approve it first and you will be notified via email. None of your details are recorded in our database, thus ensuring an even greater level of security.