global warming

”global warming” emphasizes the changes of planet Earth in terms of climatic conditions that occur per long periods. the position of the planet within the galaxy and its eternal journey brings physical changes at the planetary body as well as humans bodies since they are traveling together. this painting is part of the ”bodies” line and it was born alongside with ”perfect machine” line. both sections glorify human beings, the only difference between them is in terms of performance of our nature. ”perfect machine” provides the inner world as a visible depiction mainly, on the other side ”bodies” presents our outer structure. ”global warming” in 2010 represented Greece in an International exhibition at “Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art” (SNMFA) in Las Vegas. since then is in the permanent collection of the Nevada Museum. this artwork is also included in the book ‘International Contemporary Masters’ 2009, published by World Wide Art Books & Omma Gallery, Santa Barbara C.A.
Artist: Vania Stefou
Medium: mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm
Year: 2008